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Universal Belay Standard- Part 1: Have you ever noticed that lots of climbers don’t belay the same way as you do? Or that climbing instructors teach belaying one way, but then after class those same students belay differently? Where does all that variety come from? Is it safe?

Universal Belay Standard- Part 2- Lead Belaying

Lead belaying is more complicated that just delivering slack. In this video, the AAC applies the fundamental principles of belay to lead belaying, and divides lead belaying into 5 skill blocks.

Universal Belay Standard- Part 3- Details Matter

 Details Matter draws every belayer's attention to the little things that are so easy to overlook when we belay each other. Are you paying attention to the details when you communicate? When you double check each other?

AAC Know the Ropes: Pre-Climb Prep

What should you know before you start climbing? In our latest Know the Ropes video we'll walk through what you can plan before you leave the house and before you leave the ground to have a safe day of climbing.

AAC Know the Ropes: Cleaning An Anchor In Single Pitch Climbing

 Like all climbing AAC education resources, cleaning an anchor in a single pitch setting has some simple principles that will help climbers find a technical solution to most common anchor-cleaning scenarios.

Accidents while rappelling are common and often fatal. Understand the basic best practices to avoid injuries.