volunteer committees

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Regional Live your Dream Grant Committees

Regional LYD Grants award money to grant applicants of all ages, experience levels, and for any climbing discipline. Basically, these grants are open to ANYONE! Being regional, these grants are funded and awarded by peers in the regional community. Interested in sitting on a Regional LYD Selection Committee? We typically hand select these committees from past LYD winners, committed AAC members, and/or regional pillars of the community. 

Cornerstone Conservation Committee

The Cornerstone Conservation Grant awards money to fund projects at climbing areas around the country. Each region will have one representative on the National Cornerstone Committee. The responsibilities of committee members include: working with AAC staff and other committee members to promote the grant, evaluate applications and participate in the selection process. Regional Cornerstone Committee members will work with Section and Chapter Chairs to identify pertinent projects in their area and solicit Requests for Proposal (RFP).

Section/Chapter Committees

Each Section and Chapter of the AAC will have special committees to assist in many aspects of running their local events and programs. Contact your local Section or Chapter Chair about any available opportunities. Contact info can be found on the AAC's Regions page.

Board of Directors and Board level Committees

Generally, these positions are hand selected and come to our staff on recommendation. We're happy to take suggestions for any board level positions. Please contact Eddie Espinosa.