San Diego Chapter: Gym To Crag Clinic Weekend

Day clinic intended for gym climbers looking to become more comfortable and competent transitioning to the crag. We will have 2-4 instructors working with a max of 12 participants with a focus on climbing outdoors. Topics we will cover include equipment, proper packing, trail and wall ethics, toprope setup and anchoring, belay techniques, objective and subject hazards, and having an awesome time!

This event will cost $10 for AAC Members and $20 for non-members. It will include:  A full day of instruction.    We'll most likely hit up "Alpine" Beer Company in Alpine after. 

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: climbing harness, climbing shoes, pack, belay device and locking carabiner, water, lunch (x2). Optional equipment: 48 inch nylon sling, cordellete, quickdraws, and a personal anchoring system.



Additional event details will be provided to participants.