2019 USA World Cup Ice Climbing Team

The American Alpine Club is pleased to announce the 2019 USA World Cup Ice Climbing Team! Click on a photo to learn more about an athlete and where they are competing this season.


WORLD CUP Womens Team

Youth World Championship Team

  • Keenan Griscom

  • Calvin Daugherty

  • Kylie Cullen

  • Georgia Witchel

  • Catalina Shirley

  • Liam Foster

  • Cody Stevenson

  • Mikayla Tougas

  • Katie Seymour

  • Lindsay Levine

The 2019 USA ice climbing team can use your support! The USA Ice Climbing team has grown significantly this year with 21 Adults and 10 Youth competing. As a developing sport, there is not much monetary sponsorship available and athletes need to fund their own trip as well as purchase unique and expensive equipment to be able to train and compete.

Please consider supporting this amazing team!