Northwest Region

Welcome to the Northwest Region of the American Alpine Club! Spanning the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, this region is absolutely packed with phenomenal rock and ice. There are throngs of very active members across the region, so find your Section, meet some good folks and get out and climb!

The Northwest Region has been a stronghold for the American Alpine Club since its inception and has been a rich part of American climbing over the last century. Each Section has its own unique character in terms of both geology and climbing culture. The Cascades and Alaska have been the springboard for many American alpine climbers. Smith Rock State Park in the Oregon Section has been called the "Birthplace of the American Sport Climbing" and gave us the nation's first 5.14. Idaho and Montana also have gems such as the City of Rocks and the ice of Hyalite Canyon. 

Banner photo: AAC member Truc Allen Media