Robert Hicks Bates Award Winners

Robert Hicks Bates—a renowned explorer, alpinist, Peace Corp director and educator—accomplished numerous first ascents in Alaska and was a member of the American expeditions to K2 in 1938 and 1953. His literary contributions describing the K2 expeditions and his life of adventure in the mountains inspired young American climbers. He served the American Alpine Club in many capacities: member of the editorial board of the American Alpine Journal, Board member, President and Honorary President. Above all, he devoted his life to promoting the education and development of American youth through his years as a teacher at Phillips Exeter Academy, service with the Peace Corp, and other endeavors. To recognize his many contributions to American mountaineering and education of our nation's youth, the American Alpine Club established the "Robert Hicks Bates Award" for outstanding accomplishment by a young climber. It is to recognize a young climber who in the judgment of the selection committee has demonstrated exceptional skill and character in the climbing or mountaineering arts and has outstanding promise for future accomplishment.

Mason Earle: 2017
David Allfrey: 2016
Sasha DiGiulian: 2015
Madaleine Sorkin: 2014
Scott Bennett: 2013
Kyle Dempster: 2012
Hayden Kennedy: 2011
Alex Honnold: 2009
Dave Turner: 2008
Freddie Wilkinson: 2007
Colin Haley: 2006
David Graham: 2004
Josh Wharton: 2003
Brian McMahon: 2003
Jonathan Copp: 2000
Lisa Rands: 2000
Chris McNamara: 1999
Beth Rodden: 1998
Tommy Caldwell: 1998
Stephanie Davis: 1997
Jeff Hollenbaugh: 1997
Kathleen M. Brown: 1996
Chris Sharma: 1996