Angelo Heilprin Citation Award Winners

It was through the dedicated efforts of Angelo Heilprin that The American Alpine Club was founded. In May 1901, he and twelve others met in Philadelphia to draft the objects of the proposed association. In March 1902, the AAC was formally organized; Angelo Heilprin was elected the first Vice President of the Club. The Angelo Heilprin Citation was established by the American Alpine Club in 1976. It is awarded annually to that person who has, in the opinion of the citation committee, shown exemplary service to the club. It is specifically understood that service to the club itself can be differentiated from outstanding mountaineering accomplishment or service through the club to the climbing community. The purpose of this citation is to recognize those who have worked to maintain and strengthen the organization and thus further its ability to serve its fundamental purposes. The selection committee is appointed annually by the president and is charged with preparing an appropriate presentation at the Annual Dinner.


David Riggs: 2017
Jim Donini: 2016
Cody Smith: 2015
Robert Hall: 2014
William Fetterhoff: 2013
Bruce Franks: 2012
Phil Powers: 2012
Bob Craig: 2011
Mark Richey: 2010
Charlie Sassara: 2009
James F. Henriot: 2008
Doug Colwell: 2007
Bill Atkinson: 2006
Virginia Boucher: 2005
Greg Sievers: 2004
Linda McMillan: 2003
Louis F. Reichardt: 2002
No Meeting: 2001
Eliza P. Moran: 2000
Verne Reed: 1999
Glenn E. Porzak: 1998
George Ross Sainsbury: 1997
Edward Everett Vaill: 1996
Michael Foley Browning: 1995
Theodore Paul (Sam) Streibert: 1994
Ann Carter: 1993
James Dell Morrissey: 1992
Philip Erard: 1991
John E. (Jed) Williamson: 1990
Armando M. Menocal III: 1988
Andrew John Kauffman: 1988
James P. McCarthy: 1987
John L. J. Hart: 1986
Henry S. Hall Jr: 1985
Robert H. Bates: 1984
John & Ruth Mendenhall: 1983
Kenneth A. Henderson: 1982
Horst Von Hennig: 1981
William Lowell Putnam: 1980
Charles S. Houston M.D.: 1979
Nicholas B. Clinch: 1978
H. Adams Carter: 1977
Raffi Bedayn: 1976