David A. Sowles Memorial Awardees

David A. Sowles was killed at the age of 29 in a tragic accident during a lightening storm in the Alps on August 4, 1963. He was considered a mountaineer's mountaineer. He climbed with grace, style, and elegance matched only by the professional guides. He moved swiftly, always safely, and with the utmost consideration for the welfare of his companions. The David A. Sowles Memorial Award was established in 1981. It is conferred from time to time on mountaineers who have distinguished themselves, with unselfish devotion at personal risk or sacrifice of a major objective, in going to the assistance of fellow climbers imperiled in the mountains. It is dedicated to the memory of David A. Sowles.

Mike Helms & Bob Kandiko: 2016
Peter Hackett: 2013
Pemba Gyalje Sherpa: 2009
Charlie Sassara & Jack Tackle: 2003
Simone Moro, Tap Richards, Jason Tanguay, Dave Hahn: 2002
Richard French Wilcox, Jr. & Mountain Rescue Service: 1999
Elizabeth H. White: 1998
Anatoli Boukreev: 1997
Pete Athans: 1997
Todd Burleson: 1997
Ed Viesturs: 1994
Ed Webster: 1994
Paul Doherty: 1992
Harry McDade: 1992
John Martin Petroske: 1990
Steven Rouss: 1988
Jenny Lake Rangers of the Grand Teton National Park: 1986
Eiho Otani: 1985
James Wickwire: 1985
Kim Momb: 1985
Jack R. Durrance M.D.: 1985
Douglas J. Cannalte: 1983
Soichi Yamada: 1983
Sizuya Tanaka: 1983
Kiyo Saito: 1983
Yoshio Ota: 1983
Shunsuke Tamura: 1983
Tetsuro Hatano: 1983
Toshito Kabayshi: 1983
Soichi Funai: 1983
Gary Hemming: 1982
Leigh N. Ortenburger: 1981
Thomas O. Nevison: 1981
H.R.A. Streather: 1981
Peter K. Schoening: 1981
Dee Molenaar: 1981
Robert W. Craig: 1981
George I. Bell: 1981
Charles S. Houston M.D.: 1981
Robert H. Bates