Piolet Society

The Piolet Society honors those who remember the AAC in their estate plans. Most estate gifts come as a bequest through a will or living trust, or as a beneficiary designation of an IRA or life insurance policy. Each of these options allows you to retain full control of your assets during life. Through the Piolet Society, you can leave a legacy as timeless as the mountains themselves.

For more information about charitable estate planning – or to join the Piolet Society – please contact us at 303-384-0110 or [email protected]

Legacy Gift

There are a variety of ways to make a legacy gift through the Piolet Society, as outlined above. Since everyone’s circumstances are a little different, choosing the right gift is important. For some, retaining control over one’s assets throughout life will be the primary factor. For others, financial and estate tax planning may be of greater importance. A conversation with your attorney and/or financial advisor(s) is always recommended.

The AAC offers free information to help you review any of the options outlined above, and there will never be any obligation to complete any gift whatsoever. To learn more about becoming a member of the Piolet Society, please contact us at 303-384-0110 or [email protected].