• Order your Hut Stamp from the AAC Office (303) 384-0110 or by emailing the AAC
• Stamp price varies by year due to exchange rates but is typically ~$75 USD
• Joint members WILL need two individual hut stamps
• Hut stamps are good through the calendar year

Alpine clubs in many countries throughout the world have erected huts to provide climbers with convenient, safe and economical staging points for climbs in major mountain ranges. The Union Internationale d'Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA), makes hut stamps available to AAC members providing reciprocal membership privileges at mountain huts operated by alpine clubs throughout the world. The stamps provide discounts in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, Spain, and Switzerland. With a stamp, an AAC member will pay the same rate as members of the club with which the particular hut is associated.

AAC members can order a UIAA hut stamp directly through the AAC office in Golden, CO (303-384-0110). The price of the stamp varies each year based on international exchange rates, but is typically around $75. Members staying more than four or five nights at a participating hut should recoup the cost of the stamp through the reciprocal membership rate. Joint members WILL need two individual hut stamps.

The following pages contain information about climbing huts that honor the UIAA hut stamps. Some clubs include very specific information about individual huts, including photos.

Austrian Alpine Club
Federation of French Alpine Clubs
German Alpine Club
Italian Alpine Club
Federation of Spanish Alpine Clubs
Swiss Alpine Club