How do I change my settings, contact information, and preferences?

Once you've logged in to your online profile, click on the Settings gear icon in the top right corner of your screen. The icon will reveal a dropdown menu with a few options. Clicking on General Settings will allow you to be able to upload a profile picture and edit your contact information and personal information. Account Preferences will give you the ability to configure your privacy settings, associate your social media accounts and sync your Mountain Project data. If you click on Security, you can change your email and/or password. Payment gives you the option to update your credit card or sign up for automatic billing on your membership.

How do I change my section? 

Your primary section is determined by your main mailing address and cannot be changed without changing your address in General Settings.

I forgot my password and am having trouble resetting it. Help!

From the login page, select “Forgot Your Password?". Enter your email address and you'll receive an email with a link to reset your password. Remember you can always change your password at any time within you Profile by navigating to the Security settings page.

If you're having trouble finding the email containing your temporary password, check your spam folder. If you've followed these steps with no success, give us a call during business hours at (303) 384-0110 or email [email protected] and we'll get you squared away!

How can I link to my Mountain Project account?

You can easily connect your Mountain Project account with your Profile by navigating to your Account Preferences from the Settings dropdown. In the Mountain Project section of the Account Preferences page, enter in the email you use to log in to your Mountain Project account. This may or may not be the same as your email for your AAC Profile depending on which emails you use! Once a valid email is entered, you can click on the Sync button to begin syncing your Mountain Project routes. Please allow some time for your routes to load. You can confirm that your Mountain Project data is syncing by visiting your Profile page, scrolling down, and viewing your routes in table form. Each time you refresh your browser a few more routes will be loaded to your Profile until they are all loaded.

Once your Mountain Project account is linked, you do not have to manually sync your data every time. Each time you log back in to your Profile, if you have new routes in Mountain Project, they will be loaded automatically.

If you want to allow other AAC members to view your Mountain Project routes, you can revisit your Account Preferences, open up the Privacy section of the page, and toggle the switch for Viewable Mountain Project Data to ON.

Where is my member card?

New members—who did not select a digital membership—can expect to receive their member ID card and Guidebook to Membership within 4–6 weeks of joining. If you are a renewing member, your card should arrive in 2–3 weeks. Should you need proof of membership while you're waiting for your card to arrive, you may print out a letter on AAC letterhead by logging in to your online profile and clicking on the Proof of Membership link on your Profile page. Additionally, you could print out a version of your membership card by clicking on Membership Card on your Profile page.

I want to add family members to my family membership plan. How is this done in my Profile?

You can now manage your family plan straight from Profile! Assuming you are on a family membership plan and are the primary account holder, when you visit your Profile page take a look at Your Membership at a Glance (center left of your screen). Here you will have the option to either View Members on your family plan or Manage Plan. If you wish to add or removed members, click on Manage Plan.

To add a family member, simply click on Add Family and fill out the information for the new potential member. To remove a member, click on the Remove button next to the member your wish to remove. If you are adding a person who currently does not have an AAC membership, they will be added automatically. If you are adding / removing a person who is already a member, they will receive an email and a notification in their Profile informing them that you wish to add / remove them from the family plan. As soon as they accept or decline the invite / removal, your account will reflect the changes appropriately.

Please note that you cannot add more members than what your family plan allows. For example, if you are on a family plan for 2 adults, you, the primary account holder, are considered to be the first adult. You can then add one additional adult to the family. If you wish to add a dependent after that you must change your family plan by contacting the office at (303) 384-0110 or emailing us at [email protected].


How do I login to check out library books?

Go to:
Go to Log in to your account either on the left side or in the top right corner
Use the email address and password associated with your AAC profile.

Having trouble? View the entire Library FAQ here, or give us a call at the library at (303) 384-0112 or email us.

What is Member Share? 

Member Share is a network of AAC members that have opted in to sharing beta and/or meeting up with fellow AAC members, either for some climbing or simply to grab a drink and some grub. Member share is completely optional and a great way to meet people in your local climbing community, find a partner when you're on the road, or even locate a place to crash for a few nights. Member Share 3.0 is scheduled to release in 2019! In the meantime, you can do a basic search for fellow AAC members by using the search bar in the top left corner. Try searching by first and last names or email address.

What is the AAC's privacy policy?

The AAC collects information you provide and uses this information to better serve you by responding to your requests, customizing your online shopping experience, and sending special offers from our partners. We keep your information secure using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts information you input. You may choose not to provide some information, but this may limit your ability to take advantage of certain features. We will share only the information that you choose to make public with other members through your Account Preferences. You may opt out of customized shopping, special offers, or member share at any time. For more information, see our full privacy policy.

What is the Great Ranges Fellowship?

At the AAC, we value every gift, no matter what its size. The Great Ranges Fellowship is our way of recognizing and showing appreciation to our most generous donors—those who give a total of $1000 or more over the course of the fiscal year. We thank our Great Ranges Fellows for their support with invitations to exclusive VIP events and AAC trips throughout the year, improved benefits, and timely, “insider" communications through the Fellowship Updates email. 

How do I receive my discounts on gear?

From the main Benefits page of your profile, click on the Discounts, then on the Gear Discounts box. There, you will see a list of all companies that offer discounts to our members. Clicking on a brand logo will reveal a discount code or further instructions to receive your discount. If a code is listed, use that code at checkout. For many brands, you will need to join the AAC's ExpertVoice team in order to take advantage of the discount. To do so, click on the ExpertVoice tab and follow the prompts. In some cases, such as Patagonia,, The Clymb, and others, neither a code nor an ExpertVoice membership is necessary to receive your discount. Simply click on the link provided on the Discounts page and the discount will be automatically applied.

How do I subscribe to Alpinist, Climbing, or Rock and Ice magazines?

On the Benefits page of your profile, scroll down and click on the Discounts box, then on the Magazine Discounts box. Discounted Alpinist and Climbing subscriptions are available via our online store. Rock and Ice provides a special subscription link for AAC members. We send a list of new subscribers to the magazines once a month, so you can expect to see your first issue within six to eight weeks of placing the order.

How can I get my photos published in AAC publications?

We are always looking for awe-inspiring photos to include in our publications. If you have one, please send your submissions to Whitney Bradberry, our Marketing Director, at [email protected].

Your question not answered here?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (303) 384-0110. We are happy to help in any way we can!