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To share and support our passion for climbing and respect for the places we climb.

AAC Vision

A united community of competent climbers and healthy climbing landscapes.

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Recent Press:

10/14/2019: AAC and Access Fund award $10,000 in GRANTS TO REPLACE AGING BOLTS



08/09/2019: Groups Release Inaugural State of Climbing Report

04/03/2019: The AAC to Double Down On Climate Advocacy

03/26/2019: 2019 AAC Research Grant Recipients Announced

02/25/2019: uIAA Ice Climbing World Cup finals Draws Record Breaking Crowds in Denver, CO

02/05/2019: The live Your Dream Grant Encourages Climbers of all Abilities to Dream Big

01/29/2019: 2019 Cutting Edge Recipients Announced

12/17/2018: 2019 Climbing Awards Announced by the American Alpine Club

12/05/2018: The American Alpine Club Announces 2019 US Team for the uIAA World Cup Ice Climbing Competition in Denver, co

11/08/2018: The American Alpine Club Engages the Veteran Community with new membership options and Outreach

10/14/2018: The American Alpine Club and Access Fund Award $10,000 in Grants to Replace Aging Bolts

06/26/2018: the American Alpine Club to Host 2019 UIAA World Cup Ice Climbing Competition in Denver, CO

05/16/2018: The American Alpine Club Announces Live your Dream Grant Recipients

05/01/2018: The American Alpine Club Announces 2018 Excellence in Climbing honors and benefit Evening

04/13/2018: The American Alpine Club and Access Fund Set Sights on Third Annual “Climb the Hill”

03/23/2018: 2018 Research Grant Recipients announced

01/01/2018: deanne Buck to Lead AAC's Board of Directors

01/19/2018: AAC Hits New Benchmark with Over 20,000 Members

01/16/2018: 2018 Cutting Edge Grant Recipients Announced

01/11/2018: 2018 Climbing Awards Announced by the American Alpine Club

10/16/2017: AAC & Access Fund Award $10,000 in Grants to Replace aging bolts

10/12/2017: 2018 Annual Benefit Dinner: 40th Anniversary of Americans on K2

08/28/2017: AAC Secures Campground in Rumney, NH

08/03/2017: American Alpine Club Showcases Utah's Climbing Resources

05/01/2017: aAC Announces 2017 Research Grant Recipients

04/27/2017: AAC and Access Fund Host Second Annual Climb the Hill Event

04/13/2017: aAC Announces 2017 excellence in Climbing Award Recipients

02/13/2017: Four North American Mountain Clubs Unite for Climbing Education and Public Policy

01/12/2017: AAC Announces 2017 Cutting Edge Grant Recipients

12/13/2016: Conrad Anker is Keynote Speaker for 2017 AAC Annual Benefit Dinner

10/18/2016: AAC Announces 2016 Cornerstone Conservation Grant Recipients

10/13/2016: AAC and Access Fund announce 2016 Anchor Replacement Fund Grant Award Recipients 

09/29/2016: AAC and the Alliance for Sustainable Energy Powering Alpine Research

08/10/2016: AAC Announces Athlete Tour Featuring Ueli Steck Presented By Alpina Watches

07/29/2016: Climber Falls in Waddington Range, British Columbia

06/15/2016: AAC Past President Nick Clinch Passes Away

05/19/2016: 2016 Live Your Dream Grant Recipients announced

04/19/2016: The American Alpine Club and Alpina Watches Announce The Alpina AAC Cutting Edge Award

03/29/2016: American Alpine Club Announces inaugural Excellence in Climbing Awards Dinner

01/15/2016: 1966 American Antarctic Expedition to be Honored with Rare AAC Gold Medal

01/04/2016: 2016 Lyman Spitzer Award Winners Announced

01/01/2016: American Alpine Club President Doug Walker Dies in Avalanche

12/01/2015: Alex Honnold is Keynote Speaker for 2016 Annual Benefit Dinner

09/14/2015: 2015 Anchor Replacement Fund Recipients Announced

09/07/2015: 2015 Cornerstone Conservation Grants Recipients Announced

08/17/2015: American Alpine Club and Access Fund Launch Anchor Replacement Fund

05/19/2015: American Alpine Club Official Member of Outdoor Alliance

04/30/2015: 2015 Live Your Dream Grant Recipients