Guidebook to Membership

The American Alpine Club’s Guidebook to Membership has been published annually since 2012. The Guidebook serves at once as both a member’s storyboard and yearbook as well as a literal guidebook to Club member benefits. The majority of each issue is dedicated tomember photos and stories, working to define (and redefine) the ever-changing faces of American climbing and the Club that serves to unite them. From issues on diversity in climbing to mountain arts and important conservation and advocacy stories, the Guidebook covers many important topics from a unique member-perspective. So, flip on through, and get inspired. You might even find a new discount that you didn't even know you had.

Below, find online versions of current and past Guidebooks. To download a pdf of this year’s issue, see the bottom of this page.

Download the 2019 Guidebook or view by clicking on an issue above. Want your own 2019 hard copy? Email us.