Your top 6 problems will be taken as your score and you MUST have 2 witnesses sign your scorecard. Please keep track of how many falls you have on every problem. It may mean the difference between glory and failure! Prizes will be awarded to the top performers in each category.


  • Beginner: V0 - V4

  • Intermediate: V3 - V7

  • Advanced: V5 - V10

  • Open: V7 - V14

  • Masters: 40+ (Age)




If your category is climbing on East Mtn., East Spur or West Mtn., then you will be attached to one guide or another ALL DAY! Once established at an area you will be able to move from one area to another ONLY escorted by a "runner" guide. Guides will be stationed throughout the backcountry in the designated areas. This format exists ONLY on the day of competition and helps you guys move from one area to another for efficiency purposes. We ask you to please respect the rules and regulations of the Park and have fun!

N. Mountain

If your category is climbing on N. Mountain, then you will be able to travel unguided all day. ALL N. Mountain competitors MUST watch the training video before entering the park. We will be showing it the morning of at the Hueco Rock Ranch.