Policies and Fees

Borrowing from the Library Members of the American Alpine Club and Friends of the American Alpine Club Library have circulation privileges. You can borrow up to ten items (maximum 5 audiovisual items) for 35 days. For members outside the Golden area, the library staff will ship requested materials to you for free (within the United States); borrowers pay return postage and insurance. If you're looking for a guidebook, try our Guidebook Finder. The tool is in beta right now so if you find a bug email us.

Terms of Use

The library is a knowledge resource for the climbing community. The integrity of the collection requires the good will and commitment of borrowers to return material in a timely manner. Books and videos overdue by 28 days after the due date are assumed lost. The library reserves the right to assess lost material charges if items are not returned due to the limited print runs of many mountaineering books in the collection and other unique features of this library. If we are unable to collect the lost book or video charges for any reason, a member or Library Friend immediately loses library privileges and will also lose his/her membership. Continuous abuse will result in lost privileges.

American Alpine Club Library Copyright Statement

Permission to examine manuscripts and photographs (Materials) is not an authorization to publish. If the text or image in question is under copyright, permission to publish should be sought from the owners of the rights, typically the creator or the heirs to his or her estate. The Library may be able to assist in identifying the copyright holders. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain permission to publish from the copyright owner to reproduce the Materials. The American Alpine Club Library (AACL) assumes no responsibility for its patrons' infraction of copyright laws, invasion of privacy, or any other improper or illegal use that may arise from reproduction of any image. The AACL and its agents shall be held harmless against any and all claims arising or resulting from the illegal use or duplication of its Materials. AACL does not permit news media to copy its Materials for use in newscasts or newspaper articles unless permission has been obtained from the copyright holder.

Reproduction Policies and Procedures

Rare books or fragile material may be reproduced only by staff. Patron is responsible for securing copyright permission on all materials he or she is considering for publication. Refer to Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States, Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Code, and your publisher for assistance. There are no on-site facilities for reproduction of oversize materials or for production of photographic materials. Special arrangements may be made at the discretion of the Library Director, with all associated costs paid by Patron.

Photocopies Patrons may use the self-service copier to make copies for their own study and research. Charge of 10 cents per / page (self-serve). For off-site requests, charge is $15.00 per article for copies and mailing.

Scans & Scanning Fees

Library staff will scan material. Original must be under 11 x 17". Output will be high-resolution TIF files, low-resolution JPG files, or PDF files. PDFs and JPGs will be delivered as email attachments, unless otherwise specified. High resolution scans will be delivered on CD, unless Patron provides a thumb-drive or other transfer method. AAC and FOL members – $10.00 per photo and $10.00 for up to ten pages of manuscript. Cost of CD and mailing is an additional $3. Non-members – $15.00 per photo and $15.00 for up to ten pages of manuscript. Cost of CD and mailing is an additional $3. Please contact AAC Library Staff at 303-384-0112 or [email protected] regarding commercial use fees.

Research Fees

The AAC Library Staff will provide 30 minutes of research free of charge. More intensive research may be arranged for a fee of $15 per hour (AAC & FOL members) or $25 per hour for non-members. Members of the media receive free research provided the AAC Library is cited in the published article. Media Partners receive up to $300 of complimentary research fees every year provided they meet specific criteria. Patron is responsible for fair use and copyright laws. See Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States and Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Code. Fees may be assigned for use in publication.

Credit line: Henry S. Hall, Jr. American Alpine Club Library