What is the Craggin’ Classic Series?
Craggin’ Classics are 3-day climbing festivals that happen all over the country. These festivals are a celebration of all things climbing: community, learning, and giving back to the crag. We hope to create welcoming events for brand new climbers, veteran climbers, and everyone hoping to partake in the great sport of climbing!

When is the Series?

  • Smith Rock, OR: Sep 13-15

  • New River Gorge, WV: Sep 20-22

  • Rumney, NH: Sep 27-29

  • Devil’s Lake, WI: Oct 11-13

  • Shelf Road, CO: Oct 18-20

  • Moab, UT: Oct 25-27

  • Bishop, CA: Nov 1-3

Do I have to be an experienced rock climber to attend a Craggin’ Classic?
Not at all! The Craggin’s are designed to be welcoming to all abilities. With clinic topics that range from intro to climbing, to gym to crag, to advanced techniques, there’s something for everyone.

Who can attend a Craggin’ Classic?
The AAC welcomes all levels of climbers, ages, races, gender identifications, and abilities to join us at the Craggin’ Classics! These events are all about community building. Our goal is to create and maintain a safe and diverse space. Harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated and will lead to being asked to leave.

Do I need to register to attend?
Yes. Registration is required to attend and the number of participants at each event is limited. These events do sell out, so be sure to register early! More registration information can be found on each Craggin’s website.

What is included in the cost of registration?
Entrance into all scheduled events, an AAC hat, event cup are included. From there the details vary by event. Details can be found on each Craggin’s website.

What isn’t included in the cost of registration?
Clinics, transportation, and climbing equipment rentals are not included in the cost of registration. Each Craggin’ website lists more information on lodging and transportation options.

How will I get my pass if I register online?
In order to make check-in nice and easy, we will have everything you need at the event. There are no physical tickets for these events.

What if I purchased a Weekend Pass and no longer can attend?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds. Contact us with any questions. Thank you!

Are passes transferable?
Yes! Passes are transferable up to two weeks ahead of each Craggin’ Classic. To transfer your pass, please email the event coordinator for your Craggin’ (emails at bottom of page). Thank you!

Where does my pass money go?
Money raised by the Craggin’ Classics go to cover event costs. Additionally funds raised support AAC programs like conservation, education, and the Live Your Dream Grant.

Are the Craggin’s accessible to people with disability?
We truly want everyone to feel comfortable and able to participate fully at our events, though there are certain accommodations that will be determined by the events' locations and other factors. Not all clinics are accessible. You can find more info on each event page. Please email the event coordinator directly if there are ways we can make this experience most positive for you and your unique needs or with any questions.

Are Craggin’s rain or shine?
Yes, our events are rain or shine! Regardless of the weather, we will have a good time!

Is there a way for me to get updates as the event gets closer?
There sure is! Each Craggin’ Classic has a Facebook event page, which you can find on each Craggin’ Classics’ website. We’ll also send out an informational to all attendees a few days ahead of the event. Still have questions? Email the event coordinator (emails can be found at the bottom of each Craggin’ website) or give us a call at 303.384.0110.


To gather the climbing community at world-class cragging destinations across the country to celebrate our fellowship, enhance our skills and education, and take ownership in preserving and caring for our climbing landscapes. The series is upheld by three pillars:

COMMUNITY: The heart of the Craggin’ Classic is a grassroots celebration of the climbing community. Through films, campfires, slideshows, music, local food vendors, and beers, the series brings climbers together—both seasoned and new—to celebrate and inspire one another.

COMPETENCY: Climbing clinics, driven by professional athletes and local guides, help event participants build their skills, gain confidence, and enhance their game. And everyone has something to learn. Clinic topics cover a range of interests and experience levels such as Intro to Big Wall Climbing, Learn to Fall, Self-Rescue Techniques, Multipitch Management, Anchor Building, Women’s Only Clincis and many more.

CONSERVATION: Stewardship of our climbing landscapes requires, first and foremost, a sense of ownership and responsibility by the climbing community. The Craggin’ Classics work to instill these values within event participants through hands-on crag conservation projects. Additionally, climbers develop and retain good working relationships local land management agencies—relationships crucial to maintain future climbing access.


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