The Craggin' Classic Series champions the mission of the American Alpine Club: to support our shared passion for climbing; to respect the places we climb; to strive for a united community; to educate and advance climbers’ skills; and to ensure healthy climbing landscapes. Therefore, the three pillars of the Craggin' Classic Series are:


The heart of the Craggin’ Classic is a celebration of the climbing community. Through films, parties, slideshows, vendor villages, good food, good drinks, and plenty of high-fives, the series brings together climbers both seasoned and new, local and visiting, to strengthen the bonds within our community and keep the inspiration alive. Presentations from professional athletes and local grant winners draw in climbers and keep passions high to get out there, dream big, and push limits.


Competency clinics, driven by professional athletes and local guide companies, help participants build skills and gain new experience in order to take their climbing to the next level—be it leading outside for the first time or pinning their way up a new route in the Torres del Paine. Past clinic topics have ranged from “Intro to Big Wall Climbing” to “Self-Rescue Techniques” to “Multi-Pitch Efficiency” to “Modern Alpinism: Lighter & Faster.”


Conservation of our climbing lands requires a sense of ownership and responsibility by the climbing community. The Craggin’ Classics work to directly connect climbers to their landscapes through hands-on stewardship projects. Working side by side with land managers, event participants work on a variety of projects depending on the local need. From delineating trails to picking up trash to installing new toilet facilities, trail markers, and kiosks, the Craggin’ Classic encourages participation