October 18-20, 2019

Bringing you the finest dirtbagging-grassroots-climber-gathering in Southern Colorado!

This October 18-20, head on down to the best limestone sport cragging Colorado has to offer, and with the American Alpine Club and CAMP USA, and be treated to a weekend of climbing, community, clinics, contests, beer, slideshows, films, giveaways, stewardship and fun.

For 2019 we have an incredible weekend in store: up your game with stellar clinics taught by professional climbers and local mountain guides, presented in part by Pikes Peak Alpine School; local food and Soulcraft beer will abound; and a crag stewardship project on Sunday morning will give you a quick opportunity to roll up your sleeves and give back to help keep our climbing areas clean and well maintained.

New this year, is a Horseshoe Hell-style competition at the cliffs on Saturday sponsored by City Rock Climbing Center, live music, DJ and dancing, and local food trucks. Spend time with friends, drink lots of free beer, win top end gear at our raffles and silent auctions, do some fabulous bolt clipping in the sun, and give some love to your crag, that’s the Shelf Road Craggin’ Classic in a nutshell.

**2019 event info and schedule coming soon!


**Registration opens August 20. Information and prices are subject to change until then.

Includes: Event Camping & Event entrance Friday, Saturday, and Sunday including access to all entertainment (some limited seating may apply); AAC trucker hat and artsy Klean Kanteen pint cup; beer for those 21+. Event ticket price does not include clinics, competition, or food.

Being hungry sucks and why bother cooking? For $30 receive a ticket for dinner at event check-in and enjoy a food truck meal on Friday and Saturday nights. VORE food truck is confirmed for both nights, and one other truck will be available each night for some variety (Fiesta Grill for Friday and Bison Brothers for Saturday). Plus… Gold Star Pies as a bonus on Friday! Yes, you get a slice of delicious pie, too! Food trucks may have a limited menu from what’s on the website.

***NOTE: If you do not get a food pass, you WILL NOT be able to purchase a food truck meal. Our event permit does NOT allow the food trucks to sell food to participants outside of the Weekend Food Pass!!! ***

Up your game with an array of climbing clinics taught by professional climbing athletes and local guides. All clinics run Saturday, October 20th from 9:00am to 4:00pm. See below for clinic descriptions and details.

New this year, CityROCK in Colorado Springs and are hosting a friendly climbing competition on the glorious limestone cliffs! Grab a partner (no singles or teams of 3) and join in on the fun. All proceeds go toward the American Alpine Club. This is a twelve-hour, lead-only redpoint competition concentrated in the Gallery/Sand Gulch area on a variety of designated grades, all happening on Saturday, October 20 from 7am-7pm. Rack up some draws and a few thousand points while supporting your Club. Cost is only $60 per team. Space is limited. Details and rules to follow for registered participants. There will be great prizes in a variety of categories, including best climbing costume! Registration for the comp will be available at the event.

All aboard the Craggin' Wagon! Meet us at the Golden or Englewood Earth Treks for a ride to the Shelf Road Craggin' Classic. The $20 fare includes roundtrip travel, drinks, snacks, swag and some new friends before you even get to the event!  Registration for the bus is done separately from the Craggin' Classic.

Sign up for the Craggin' Wagon here:



Friday, October 19

  • 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM: Participant Arrival and Registration
    Location: Vendor Village area, at the base of The Bank road (Corrals area).

  • 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Vibram Sole Factor Resoling Shoes
    Vibram Sole Factor will be onsite upgrading & resoling your shoes! Bring an extra pair of your approach shoes, hiking boots, Chacos, sandals or sneakers to the Sole Factor van & Vibram will resole your shoes for a donation fee of $25. All donations benefits The American Alpine Club. Sole Factor is first come first serve so try to get there early!

    •  Shoes we can resole: Approach shoes, hiking boots, trail running shoes, Chacos, sneakers, dress shoes, etc.

    • Shoes we can’t resole: anything w/ a stitched sole such as cowboy boots or anything that is too far gone!

  • 7:00 PM – Onward: Weekend Kickoff Party, Raffle, and Evening Entertainment
    Stop by Vendor Village for fun contests, drink great beer from Soulcraft Brewing in Salida, and win stuff! The purchase of raffle tickets helps to fund the Live Your Dream grant program, sending climbers like you all over the world! Buy tickets and win rad stuff!

  • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Adventure Film Fest
    Adventure Film Fest is dedicated to world class films, filmmakers, adventure, and the environment. Every year the international Adventure Film selection committee chooses just thirty new films out of hundreds of entries from around the world. We are stoked to show a lineup of some of the best films, hand selected for the highest possible level of stoke!

  • 9:00 PM: Giveaways and Raffle


Saturday, October 20

  • 7:30 AM: Coffee at the Tent, presented by Alpine Start
    Grab some of the best coffee in town before heading out to climb. Have shoes that need to be resoled? Bring them to the Vibram Shoe Resole station at the Vendor Village! Just $25 per pair and all proceeds benefit AAC. First come, first serve.

  • 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM: Climbing Clinics with Pros and Local Guides
    Learning from those that are masters at their craft can seriously benefit your climbing. Sign up for a climbing clinic taught by the professional climbing athletes and local climbing guides and up your game. Everyone has something to learn. Climbers of all abilities are welcome, though basic climbing knowledge and proficiency is expected. Clinics are organized based on experience level. Presented in part by Pikes Peak Alpine School.

Please show up 15-20 minutes early, ready to go. You will need to fill out a clinic specific waiver. See below for clinic descriptions and details.

  • 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM: Climbing Comp!
    Climb for prizes at Sand Gulch and The Gallery! See registration details (above schedule) for more information. Rules will be emailed to registered participants.

  • 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Vibram Sole Factor Resoling Shoes
    Vibram Sole Factor will be onsite upgrading & resoling your shoes! Bring an extra pair of your approach shoes, hiking boots, Chacos, sandals or sneakers to the Sole Factor van & Vibram will resole your shoes for a donation fee of $25. All donations benefits The American Alpine Club. Sole Factor is first come first serve so try to get there early!

    •  Shoes we can resole: Approach shoes, hiking boots, trail running shoes, Chacos, sneakers, dress shoes, etc.

    • Shoes we can’t resole: anything w/ a stitched sole such as cowboy boots or anything that is too far gone!

  • 5:00 PM - Onward: Dirtbag Climber Throwdown Extravaganza Party
    Gather the crew and howl at the moon! Enjoy our Beer Garden with local brews, Vendor Village, Silent Auction and raffle, climbing games, and the fourth annual Costume Contest at Vendor Village area! It's the climber party to end all climber parties. Light the fires. Dress up. Drink beers. Act weird.

  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM: Open Mic Live Music and Games
    Got musical skills? Grab your instrument, head on stage, and wow your friends with your musical prowess.

  • 7:30 pm: Slackline Competition
    Come show off your balance to win prizes in this slackline comp presented by UberGrippen Climbing in Denver! FREE to compete.

  • 8:30 pm: Costume Contest
    The Fourth Annual Halloween Costume Contest! Strut your stuff to warm up for the holiday and win prizes!

  • 9:00 PM: Climbing Comp Awards
    Cheer on the winners of the first ever Shelf Craggin' Climbing Comp!

  • 9:30 PM: DJ and Dance Party
    The party continues including fire rings, s'mores, music and shenanigans.


Sunday, October 21

  • 7:30 AM: Coffee at the Tent, presented by Alpine Start
    Grab some of the best coffee in town before heading out to climb or for the Stewardship Project.

  • 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM: Stewardship Breakfast
    Coffee and Early Bird breakfast, sponsored by the Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance and Klean Kanteen, at the tent for registered stewardship project volunteers!

  • 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM: Stewardship Project with the Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance
    Give back to Shelf! The Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance is leading a local stewardship and conservation project targeting high-use areas at Shelf Road. Registration required, and registration opportunities will be available on the AAC website and at the PPCA booth at Vendor Village all weekend long! Get involved. Give!


2018 clinics are presented in part by Pikes Peak Alpine School

Learning from those that are masters at their craft can seriously benefit your climbing. Take your climbing to a new level by signing up for a climbing clinic taught by professional climbers and local guides! Climbers of all abilities are welcome, though basic climbing knowledge and proficiency is expected.

Clinics for the Shelf Road Craggin’ Classic will be held on Saturday, October 20th from 9:00am to 4:00pm, weather permitting. Please show up 15-20 minutes early at the white tent. Clinics will begin promptly at 9:00am.

Participant Equipment List: 
Personal climbing equipment: shoes, harness, chalk, helmet, personal anchor and belay/rappel equipment. Additional anchor building/lead climbing gear is optional but recommended. Other equipment: hiking shoes, lunch/calories, hydration, sun protection, rain jacket, note-taking supplies, appropriate climbing wear.


  • LIGHT AND FAST ALPINISM with Scott Bennett, presented by CAMP Technical Adventure Equipment (SOLD OUT!)
    Light & Fast Alpinism is a topic near and dear to us. As the manufacturer of the lightest piece of gear in nearly every category we offer, we have a particular kind of insight into the subject. The Light & Fast Alpinism clinics that we teach at events are designed to go deep into the skills, strategies and tactics that help us distill the big mountains down to something we can climb faster and safer, ultimately allowing us to set our sights ever higher. Whether you are an experienced alpinist or beginning mountaineer, the benefits of the light & fast approach are indisputable. Being lighter means using less energy with every step we take and every move we make. It is also just downright more comfortable when we are in motion. Being fast equates directly to safety. It means we are navigating hazardous terrain more quickly and tagging the summit in time to descend safely. It is also the way we progress towards bigger objectives over time. This clinic covers the most important aspects of the light & fast approach with a short classroom session followed by an intensive field session where we work on the implementation of the skills, strategies and tactics that are most useful for you. The professional athletes teaching these clinics have made light & fast a part of their very being. As we strongly believe that a commitment to the light & fast mentality is a commitment to an even more awesome life, we strongly believe that folks who take this clinic will get a lot out of it!

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

  • ART OF THE PROJECT with Delaney Miller, presented by CAMP Technical Adventure Equipment
    The Art of the Project is a clinic for all levels of rock climbers designed to help them pursue harder routes. To develop the curriculum, we worked with CAMP athlete Ben Rueck who credits his growth as a climber to learning and understanding the Art of The Project. The curriculum is designed to put a structure behind projecting that can be used to dissect and accomplish our objectives. The clinic covers the physical and mental parts of the process from the perspective of athletes who have had to use these very tools to push their climbing to new levels.

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels

  • IMPROVISED SELF-RESCUE, presented by The American Alpine Club
    Self-Rescue curricula rarely focus on the scenarios that actually routinely happen. Our clinic will spend less time focusing on unlikely scenarios like incapacitated climbers or leader-rescue and more time focusing on the awkward scenarios that every climber eventually experiences: Rope gets stuck when you try to pull it; Rope Drag is so severe the leader can’t move; I dropped my belay device; My rope doesn’t make it to the next rap station.

PREREQUISITES: This clinic has value for any climber at any phase in their climbing.  If participants to do not have traditional lead climbing experience or multi pitch climbing experience, the hands-on portions of the clinics will likely be limited to ground school.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Specific rescue tools (2X 5mm nylon prussic loops or Sterling Hollowblocks, 2X 48" slings, 2X 7mm nylon cordelette, a mechanical assisted braking device, a tube style belay device with plaquette function like an ATC Guide or Reverso, 4 extra HMS style locking carabiners). Personal climbing equipment (helmet, harness, climbing shoes, belay hardware, lead climbing and anchor building tools). Personal Items such as food, water, sunscreen, bug spray, camera, note taking tools, etc. Appropriate apparel and footwear (clinics may require a short hike and will be conducted outdoors).

  • WARRIORS WAY FALLING AND COMMITMENT with Adam Mitchell and Marcus Garcia, presented by Sterling Ropes and Rock About
    Being effective in climbing requires us to understand the consequences of our decisions and actions. In climbing the main consequence is falling. By understanding how to fall we diminish the chance of injury and allow us to focus attention effectively on climbing. You’ll learn how to fall safely through progressive falling practice, give a dynamic (cushioned) belay, distinguish between no- and yes-fall zones, deal with fear of falling, and more!

    In addition, participants will gain movement tips and tricks from professional athlete/guide Marcus Garcia. Do you ever wish you knew how to move across the wall with more grace and less raw power? Or reduce the pump factor in your climbing? This clinic will break down the micro movements that are needed to help you increase your efficiency. You can then learn the techniques to make corrections to help you gain success on your next project or outing.

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels

About Adam: Adam has been climbing since the early 2000’s and fell knee deep in love with the sport. It wasn’t long before he took his skills to train others through guiding. He has many first ascents in New Mexico, Texas and Mexico and has traveled all over the western US seeking out big climbs. He really loves being high in the mountains despite growing up in a very flat East Texas. Adam is very involved in the local climbing community being the Texas Chair for the AAC, on local climbing committee’s and very active in bolt maintenance. He feels climbing can be safe even while taking risks inherent in the sport. Mostly, he enjoys seeing the light click when people learn something new or try a new skill that pushes their climbing to the next level. Adam has a BA from ST. Edward’s University, is AMGA SPI (working toward Rock Guide) certified. He is also owner/operator of Rock-About, a guide service in Austin Texas.

About Marcus: Marcus has over 25 years of all-around climbing, and has established over 200 new routes, including everything from traditional, sport, Clean aid first ascents and mixed climbing to big walls and desert towers. However, his biggest accomplishment and legacy is not how hard he can push himself, but what he passes on to the next generation of climbers as a coach and mentor. As lead coach for youth Team USA Ice Climbing, Marcus is helping develop the next generation of Olympic Caliber athletes.

  • MULTIPITCH 101 with Irwin Mountain Guides (SOLD OUT!)
    Learn the essentials for taking your climbing to the next pitch. Topics covered will include selecting equipment, anchoring methods, belaying from above, transitions from up to up and up to down, rope management, trad gear placement and evaluation and belay stance management.

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels

  • SPORT CLIMBING with Rob Pizem, presented by Arc'teryx
    Shelf Road is a sport climbing mecca! In this clinic with Rob Pizem you'll learn how to improve everything from from choosing your route to onsighting to make safe decisions. You'll leave this clinic a bolt clipping machine!

You'll learn sport climbing skills including technique, onsighting, clipping, route choosing, finding your style, projecting tips, and safety decisions. 

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to intermediate

About Rob: Now an Arct'eryx athelte, Rob grew up in Ohio playing outside. He was a natural athlete and continued playing ice hockey, baseball, golf and many other competitive sports through college until his eyes fell on rock climbing. Just wanting to reach his personal potential, he focused all of his energy on climbing and his career as a high school teacher. 20 plus years later he is still seeing what he is capable of be it first ascending bigwalls or opening up single pitches at his local crag. 

  • ADVANCED ROPE TRANSITIONS with Wade Spiner and Phil Wortmann, presented by Adiadas (SOLD OUT!)
    This is a clinic for folks looking to gain efficiency in technical systems for use in helping to move fast on long alpine objectives of any difficulty. Most people, in a desire for increased speed in the mountains, forego safety to reach this goal. This clinic aims to teach efficiency in some of the main areas that most people spend time unnecessarily with, on long alpine climbs in regards to rope work; and anchor systems, without sacrificing safety. You’ll be learning from the best including Wade, Phil, and the experts from Pikes Peak Alpine School.

SKILL LEVELS: Intermediate to advanced

  • CLIMB A GRADE HARDER with Dawn Glanc, presented by Black Diamond
    In this all-new clinic for 2018, spend some time learning from the pros how to train over the upcoming winter to bump your overall fitness to the next level and climb at least a grade harder! A combination of movement technique, goal setting, and targeted physiological training can contribute to your climbing performance… and it might be easier than you think! Walk away from this clinic with a clear idea of periodization, and how to use your local crags like Shelf to maximize your training efforts with Dawn and the experts from Pikes Peak Alpine School.

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels

  • GYM TO CRAG presented by Pikes Peak Alpine School
    Learn a few of the basics that will allow you to transition safely from the indoor environment to the outdoors! Skills like placing quickdraws while on lead, rope management, environmental ethics for different climbing areas, risk management, and objective hazard awareness are all a part of being a conscious outdoor climber. Join Pikes Peak Alpine School for this new clinic geared toward the gym to crag transition!

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to intermediate

  • SELF RESCUE FUNDAMENTALS with Denver Mountain Guiding
    This clinic will cover some of the necessary skills to build a foundation of self rescue, including the required knots and hitches, belay takeovers, belay escapes, ascending the rope, and how to help an injured leader. As our sport evolves, more and more people are venturing into challenging terrain without the requisite skills to get out when something goes awry. Empower yourself with the knowledge to help your climbing partner or someone around you with Self Rescue Fundamentals!

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels

  • MOVEMENT FOR WOMEN with Chelsea Rude, presented by Petzl
    The women’s clinic will focus on developing a solid foundation technique to make you a more efficient climber. Some technical things that will be discussed are footwork, hip movement, pivoting along shoulders, minimize pulling and maximize pushing. In addition we will talk about fear and hopefully demystify some ‘what if’s’ in the fear of climbing.

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels


Walk in camping is included with your event ticket and is located at the base of The Bank road in a large flat area that includes cactus and other desert plants. There is plenty of tent space, however, please consider wearing close-toed shoes, bring a ground cover, and be mindful of freely wandering dogs/children/etc. 
Off-site camping is first come, first served at nearby Sand Gulch CG and The Bank CG ($7). Additionally, there are several lodging options including hotels and a KOA campground in nearby Canon City.


  • Food trucks will be available, with some vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. YOU MUST PURCHASE A WEEKEND FOOD PASS IF YOU WANT FOOD FROM THE TRUCKS-- NO EXCEPTIONS!! Our permit does not allow purchases directly from the food trucks. You must have a Weekend Food Pass.

  • There is no breakfast provided with the Food Pass, but hot water and coffee will be available each morning.

  • Potable water WILL be available and is provided by the 10th Mountain Alpine Group in cooperation with Klean Kanteen! Bringing extra is always wise.


  • There may be limited or no cell service at Shelf depending on your carrier.

  • NO FIRES are allowed at the free camping area- only at the designated campground sites and the fire rings on Saturday night near the main tent. Cooking stoves are ok.

  • Shelf Road is a high desert climate- temperatures can be near freezing at night this time of year, but warm during the day. Please plan and pack accordingly.

  • Dogs are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED at Shelf, but not forbidden. The BLM requires that all dogs are leashed at all times. There will likely be someone writing tickets to dog owners with off-leash dogs. You’ve been warned.

  • There are pit toilets at each of the campgrounds. Porta-pottys and trash/recycling receptacles will be on site at Vendor Village/free camping area.

  • We encourage you to carpool to save the environment and limited parking space!!!

  • CityROCK in Colorado Springs is making a chandelier out of old climbing gear. Donate your old gear to the CityROCK booth during the Craggin’ Classic, and be entered into a drawing for prizes!

From the North: Take I-25 South through Colorado Springs, to the Tejon/Nevada exit for Highway 115. Go straight through the stoplight (Tejon St) and turn right at the second light, Nevada Ave, which is the same as Highway 115. Follow 115 south to the town of Penrose, about 30 miles. Just south of Penrose is the junction with Highway 50- take this West toward Canon City, another 6 miles. 
Once you come into Canon City, look for the Wal-Mart on your right. Turn right at Dozier Ave, just after the Wal-Mart, then again at the roundabout, heading north. Dozier winds around to the west and changes names to Central Ave. At the first stop sign, turn right (north) onto Field Ave, also called Co Rd 9 or Shelf Rd on various maps. Field heads north for another 9 miles. Just before the pavement ends, you’ll see a brown sign marked Sand Gulch, and another one marked The Bank, both with turns to the left. Take the second left toward The Bank, and look for Craggin Classic signs and/or volunteers!  
** PLEASE NOTE: A mapping program may misdirect you. DO NOT drive Shelf Road proper in the vicinity of Cripple Creek. Go through Canon City following the above directions!!!!

From the South: Take I-25 North to Highway 50 toward Canon City, and follow the above directions from there.

Questions ?
If you have any questions regarding the Shelf Road Craggin' Classic, please Event Coordinator Jes Meiris at [email protected] or (503) 781-8906


Banner photo: AAC member Michael Lim