Volunteer Leadership

Section and chapter chairs are some of our most loyal Club members.  Whether it's planning a hut trip, organizing a trail day, or simply gathering local members to socialize, these folks are a special breed that make the AAC tick. 


Section chairs

The American Alpine Club is broken up into 6 Regions, 25 Sections and 64 chapters. Section Chairs manage Club activity within their specific Section, and help coordinate projects and initiatives among their chapters. Activities may include annual section fundraising dinners, section-wide climbing/skiing trips, or large scale stewardship projects. Section chairs also help manage and provide resources to local chapters found within their sectional boundaries. 

Section Chairs work closely with the National Volunteer Program Manager to assist in membership issues, plan and budget for events, provide resources for the section and chapters, and identify new volunteer leaders. 

Chapter Chairs

Chapter chairs are the direct link to local climbing communities across the United States, and are the folks that organize our grassroots events and projects. Chapter chairs are responsible for delivering the AAC mission and programming to the most local level, your backyard. 

Liaising with local land managers and Local Climbing Organizations, creating community through consistent "outings," establishing partnerships with local climbing gyms, or creating after school programs for local youth, our chapter chairs and their team of volunteers do it all! 

If you'd like to start a chapter in your local community,  contact Eddie Espinosa, National Volunteer Program Manager.

Volunteer Committees

Volunteer leaders also chair and staff multiple committees for the Club. Many opportunities exist depending on one's interest and experiences. Volunteers sit on regional Live Your Dream Grant committees, Cornerstone Conservation Committees, annual section dinner planning committees and a host of other local opportunities.