New River Gorge craggin' classic

September 21-23, 2018

Join the American Alpine Club and CAMP USA in Fayetteville, West Virginia on September 21-23 for the 7th Annual Craggin' Classic in the New River Gorge!

This 3-day grassroots climbing festival celebrates the climbers and climbing of the Southeast... and we're pulling out all the stops. The weekend features climbing clinics taught by pro athletes and guides, stewardship and conservation efforts, gear demos, food, films, music, free beer and whiskey (21+), games, free swag, bonfires, raffles, silent auctions, and of course the infamous Glowstick Dance Party!

The festivities will take place at the AAC's campground with clinics taught at nearby crags in the Gorge. In order to cut down on over crowding (and protect the crag) we've limited the number of tickets and camping sites available for purchase, so act fast.

World class climbing combined with Southern hospitality, live music, pig roast, and an after-party that will have you howling at the moon.


**Online registration for the New River Gorge Craggin’ Classic has now closed. A limited number of Weekend Passes will be available for purchase at the event.

Includes event entrance; AAC trucker hat & Klean Kanteen pint glass; beer for 21+; all film showings, slideshow presentations, music, and included food. Pass does not include clinics or camping.

There is a additional pass for camping. Space is limited so first come first serve for up to 250 spots. The camping pass is good for only ONE PERSON. If you do not have a camping pass you need to make other arrangements. Please see campground list below.

Up your game with an array of climbing clinics taught by pro climbers and guides. All clinics run Saturday, September 17th from 9:00am-4:00pm. Please show up 15-20 minutes early. See below for details.

*Current AAC members will receive a 10% discount upon registration checkout.



  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM: Check In is Open
    Check in at the AAC New River Gorge Campground between 10am and 11pm. Registration will be set up near the campground entrance at 97 Pudds Road, Lansing, WV 25862

  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM: Stewardship Project
    Please join the New River Alliance of Climbers and S.C. Resources for our local crag stewardship and conservation project. Roll up your sleeves, take ownership of this amazing climbing landscape and help keep it clean and maintained. LOCATION - Needles Eye Park.

    *First 20 people to register online for the stewardship project AND show up will receive a special thank you gift from our friends at Klean Kanteen.

  • 4:00 PM - Beginner Poker Lessons hosted by Chris Watkin
    Learn how to play and practice your poker face!

  • 4:30 PM: Yoga at First Hump at the NRG Campground with Erin Larson

  • 5:30 PM - Poker Tournament hosted by Chris Watkin
    The stakes are high— the prizes are currently TBA but will but fantastic. First 35 to sign up will be able to play. If we do not reach the number of folks we need to play the tournament will not take place.

  • 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM: Long Point String Band
    Get down and dirty with local rockers, the Long Point String Band. They're an Old-Time acoustic outfit from southern West Virginia who blends the authenticity of Old-Time Mountain Music with the flare of bluegrass.

  • 6:30 PM: Just Dessert Potluck at the NRG Campground
    Bring a dish with an ingredients card and be entered into Friday night’s raffle! **Dinner is not provided Friday night--please plan on supporting local restaurants or cooking at your site.

  • 7:30 PM: Chalk Talks
    Hear from Camp Athlete Jesse Huey on his trip to the winds and Butora athlete Kerry Scott about smashing some good ol’ NRG Sandstone.

  • 8:30 PM - Game
    Come prepared for anything - endless pull-ups, human pyramids, one arm beer chug. It’s free to participate but you have to win to take home a prize.

  • 9:00 PM: First Annual NRG Climbers Talent Show
    Bring your A game. Dance, sing, play us a song on a set of wine glasses. If you’re not first you’re last. Winner takes home a top tier prize.



  • 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM: Yoga at First Hump in the NRG Campground with Erin Larson

  • 8:00 AM: Climber Coffee + Breakfast at the NRG Campground
    Locally roasted Stone Tower Joe Coffee and burrito bar. This meal, and all meals provided, are part of a no-waste initiative so please bring a plate, fork, etc.

  • 9:00 AM: Climbing Clinics in the New River Gorge
    Please show up 15-20 minutes early, ready to go. You will need to sign a clinic-specific waiver beforehand. PLEASE MEET IN MAIN AREA FRONT OF DYNO WALL

  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM: Bouldering Comp
    Strut your stuff during the NRG's bouldering comp! All levels welcome to compete. Simply sign up at the hospitality tent for $20. Turn your scorecard into the hospitality tent when you're done climbing to see how you stacked up against the competition.

  • 4:00 PM: NRG Climber Celebration and Hoedown-Throw-Down
    Join the tribe in the NRG Campground for the biggest and baddest climber hoe- down-throw-down in all of the Southeast! The evening will feature free swag and gear handouts; silent auctions and raffles featuring amazing deals on top end gear, free local beer (21+); live music; a vendor village, games; and more!

  • 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM: Yoga at First Hump in the NRG Campground

  • 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM: Long Point String Band
    Get down and dirty with local rockers, the Long Point String Band. They're an Old-Time acoustic outfit from southern West Virginia who blends the authenticity of Old-Time Mountain Music with the flare of bluegrass.

  • 6:30 PM: Annual Pig Roast Dinner
    The world-famous NRG Craggin' Classic Pig Roast! This meal, and all meals provided, are part of a no-waste initiative so please bring a plate, fork, etc. lest you eat with your hands like a savage.

  • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Games and Raffles
    PCome prepared for anything - endless pull-ups, human pyramids, one arm beer chug. It’s free to participate but you have to win to take home a prize.

  • 9:00 PM: Dyno Competition
    Jumping is hard. Doing it under the bright lights under the gaze of drunken strangers? Maybe harder? Sign up for $20 at the hospitality tent. First 10 men and women to sign up can participate.

  • 10:00 PM: Tuggin' Shack Dance Party
    Dance till the stars come down from the rafters. BYO-Glowsticks



  • 8:00 AM: Yoga at First Hump in the NRG Campground with Gretchen Horinger from the Rock Mill Gym

  • 8:30 AM: Climber Coffee + Breakfast at the NRG Campground
    Locally roasted Stone Tower Joe Coffee and pancake breakfast provided by Solid Rock Climbers. This meal, and all meals provided, are part of a no-waste initiative so please bring a plate, fork, etc.

  • 10:00 AM: Campground Clean Up
    Please join the New River Alliance of Climbers for a quick clean up of the campground so we can all get out and climb! If you had fun this weekend, then help us out so we can climb, too (or lounge around at the crag nursing hangovers).


All clinics are taught by professional climbing guides and/or professional climbing athletes. Clinics are $70, AAC members get 10% off. All clinics run Saturday, September 22nd from 9:00am-4:00pm. Please show up 15-20 minutes early, ready to go. Be sure you have filled out a clinic specific waiver, provided upon registration. PLEASE MEET IN FRONT OF DYNO WALL

  • HUGE DAYS WITH A LIGHT RACK with Jesse Huey, presented by CAMP Technical Adventure Equipment (SOLD OUT!)
    There are few things more fascinating or fulfilling than proficiently negotiating technical terrain on huge rock routes. Here, proficiency is the key … when everything we know and all the training we do comes together to create a very particular kind of accomplishment. This clinic is designed to explore the strategies and tactics involved in trying to improve our efficiency on big multi-pitch rock routes so we can ultimately move faster and climb higher. We will be studying the skills, the gear, and our objectives in order to distill this vast subject matter down to a digestible set of strategies and tactics that we can exercise in our regular climbing and training routines. The CAMP athletes teaching these clinics are absolute experts on the subject with bold first ascents around the world and numerous speed records across the United States from the Naked Edge in Eldorado Canyon to the Nose on El Capitan. See the clinic curriculum for more details.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate / Advanced

About Jesse: Jesse grew up in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains where adventure and athletics were always at the foreground of his life. While attending the University of Washington, he was introduced to climbing amidst a difficult pursuit of school and the demanding practice schedule of the university's varsity rowing program. Twelve years later he is training for the most beautiful, difficult, remote, technical faces in the world. Be it rock, ice, or mixed he loves them all. In the last several years he has free climbed El Capitan in a single day, mixed climbed M10, put up first ascents in Asia and Patagonia, repeated one of Alaska's most difficult grade 6 routes, and also have been incredibly injured in the process. Going climbing is always easy, the biggest challenge to him is maintaining the balance of his profession, passion to climb, and his relationships.

  • ART OF THE PROJECT with Dan Mirsky, presented by CAMP Technical Adventure Equipment (SOLD OUT!)
    The Art of the Project is a clinic for all levels of rock climbers designed to help them pursue harder routes. To develop the curriculum, we worked with CAMP athlete Dan Mirsky who credits his growth as a climber to learning and understanding the art of project. The curriculum is designed to put a structure behind projecting that can be used to dissect and accomplish our objectives. The clinic covers the physical and mental parts of the process from the perspective of athletes who have had to use these very tools to push their climbing to new levels.

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels

About Dan: Dan grew up in a climbing town (New Paltz, NY) with a mom who was a climber; yet he had to move all the way to Colorado to discover climbing. Since then he has been organizing his life around hard rock climbs and keeping life simple. His mantra is simple—try hard, have fun, and create new experiences with friends from El Paso to Sardinia. It's unlikely he's going to "complicate" his life anytime soon!

  • KNOW THE ROPES, presented by The American Alpine Club (SOLD OUT!)
    AAC Education has been taking controversial climbing topics head on for the last 6 years. The most controversial topics in climbing tend to generate fervor because misinformation, dogma, and rigid problem-solving often characterize what we think we know about some of the most foundational skills in American climbing. These knowledge gaps often lead to accidents, but it’s not always the novice climber that gets hurt. Intermediate and advanced climbers also fall victim to knowledge gaps.

The Know the Ropes sampler is a clinic for any climber that wants to get off the Mountain Project forum and have a real hands-on myth-busting, set-the-record-straight, interactive educational session on the following topics: Belaying in single pitch and multipitch; Rappelling; Cleaning an anchor in a single pitch setting; Anchor building.

PREREQUISITES: This clinic is appropriate for any climber at any phase in their climbing.  If participants have prior experience with the clinic topics, the clinic can be more hands-on.  If not, the clinic still has informational value for those that might not yet be ready to practice in 5th class terrain.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Personal climbing equipment (helmet, harness, climbing shoes, belay hardware, any anchor building equipment). Personal Items such as food, water, sunscreen, bugspray, camera, note taking tools. Appropriate apparel and footwear (clinics may require a short hike and will be conducted outdoors).

  • IMPROVISED SELF-RESCUE, presented by The American Alpine Club (SOLD OUT!)
    Self-Rescue curricula rarely focus on the scenarios that actually routinely happen. Our clinic will spend less time focusing on unlikely scenarios like incapacitated climbers or leader-rescue and more time focusing on the awkward scenarios that every climber eventually experiences: Rope gets stuck when you try to pull it; Rope Drag is so severe the leader can’t move; I dropped my belay device; My rope doesn’t make it to the next rap station.

PREREQUISITES: This clinic has value for any climber at any phase in their climbing.  If participants to do not have traditional lead climbing experience or multi pitch climbing experience, the hands-on portions of the clinics will likely be limited to ground school.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Specific rescue tools (2 5mm nylon prussic loops or Sterling Hollowblocks, 2 48" slings, 2 7mm nylon cordellette, a mechanical assisted braking device, a tube style belay device with plaquette function like an ATC Guide or Reverso, 4 extra HMS style locking carabiners). Personal climbing equipment (helmet, harness, climbing shoes, belay hardware, lead climbing and anchor building tools). Personal Items such as food, water, sunscreen, bugspray, camera, note taking tools, etc. Appropriate apparel and footwear (clinics may require a short hike and will be conducted outdoors).

  • CRACK CLIMBING TECHNIQUE with Pat Goodman, presented by Outdoor Research (SOLD OUT!)
    Crack climbing can be incredibly daunting, particularly without proper technique. Take your crack climbing to the next level by learning effective jam skills, crack techniques/strategies, and hard-won tips from a crack wizard.

PREREQUISITES: Endless psyche and previous climbing experience outside.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Harness, shoes, belay device, helmet, and TAPE. Additional items: trad gear, draws, and rope if you own them.

    Sport climbing is great and all, but the greatest climbs in the world—the most classic, historical lines—follow that single line of weakness called a crack. Transitioning into trad climbing can be a slow affair. There is a lot more to know about technique, gear placements, anchors, etc. If you are hungry to expand your skills beyond the bolts and to progress into a world of jams and cams, this clinic is for you. This trad climbing clinic will prepare you to place solid protection and build bombproof anchors to keep you feeling confident about climbing on your gear.

PREREQUISITES: You should be a confident belayer and be able to lead sport climbs.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Bring everything you would need to go sport climbing plus your trad rack if you have one. However, a trad rack is not required for this clinic.

  • ROCK YOUR RACK with Jessa Goebel, presented by Outdoor Research *WOMEN ONLY* (SOLD OUT!)
    This women's specific crack climbing clinic will go over basic crack climbing skills and technique — from thin to wide cracks, and everything in between. You'll learn to place gear efficiently, as well as some handy gear tricks.

PREREQUISITES: Must be able to climb 5.9 and be proficient with belaying.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Harness, shoes, belay device, helmet, and TAPE. Additional items: trad gear, draws, and rope if you own them.

  • LET’S CLIMB! an Introduction to Climbing, presented by Klean Kanteen
    An introduction to climbing. Sign-up for this clinic if you are new to climbing and are looking to have fun! The skills covered in this clinic will be the fundamental skills every climber should understand to be a safe and confident rock climber. The list of skills being covered include and not limited to: Proper top rope belay, tying in, universal commands, and climbing technique.

PREREQUISITES: A great personality and a thirst for adventure.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Bring any climbing gear your own. The necessary safety equipment will be provided for anyone in need.

  • CLIMBER FIRST AID AND LITE SELF RESCUE, presented by Vertical Medicine Resources (SOLD OUT!)
    This clinic is taught by the authors of Vertical Aid, the recently released book on climbing accidents and injuries that Climbing mag described as a 'thorough, must-have' for climbers. Get introduced to the acute and chronic medical issues that affect climbers, from traumatic fractures to common overuse injuries such a pulley tears and other upper body injuries. Participants will also learn some basic self-rescue techniques and how to use common climbing gear to care for and evacuate injured climbers. This clinic is a great first step of training for all climbers interested in being better prepared to care for themselves and their partners in a vertical environment.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Bring your personal climbing gear, what you normally carry to the crag, and any first aid items you may carry.

    An amazing clinic covering various topics, including but not limited to: How to climb tall when you're short. How to belay tiny climbers and how to be belayed by them. Techniques to use small size to your advantage. Identifying alternative beta. Finding the dyno within. Pre-requisite: must be shorter than 5'5" or climb with someone who is. Equipment: standard sport climbing gear...rope, shoes, chalk, draws; oh and bring your "ups"

PREREQUISITES: Must be shorter than 5'5" or climb with someone who is.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Standard sport climbing gear...rope, shoes, chalk, draws; oh and bring your "ups"

    The Multi-pitch Efficiencies Clinic will go over techniques and systems to help reduce the time needed for rope management, rappel transitions and gear transfers so more time is spent climbing and less time keeping things straight.

PREREQUISITES: Participants should already have been climbing multi-pitch for at least one season. This clinic should be helpful to seconds but leaders will get the most out of it.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Participants should bring helmet, harness, belay/rappel device, anchoring material and a rope.

  • ADVANCED SPORTS CLIMBING SKILLS with Dru Mack, presented by Petzl (SOLD OUT!)
    Do you lead climb sport routes? Awesome! Join this clinic to refine your current skills and learn a few new techniques to apply to your red points. Some topics we may cover: efficient stick clipping, "doggin" a route, better boinking, red point strategies.

PREREQUISITES: Previous experience lead climbing outside

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Standard sport climbing gear, stick clip, rope

  • CLASSIC 5.11++ NRG SPORTS CLIMBS with Jon Cardwell, presented by Five Ten and Adidas
    The New is infamous for hosting some of the best sport climbing in the country, and Jon Cardwell is known for crushing hard sport routes. This clinic will take you through Jon's favorite 5.11++ sport routes in the New. You'll climb and learn in the way you only can when getting to experience a classic sport route with someone who has it dialed.

    PREREQUISITES: Previous climbing experience in the NRG, can climb 5.11 to 5.12

    Now is your chance to hire a certified guide at a significant discount. The clinic topics will be driven by the participants. Show up and be ready to get all your questions answered!


Please keep in mind that with more vehicles there is more soil compaction, more impact on the forest, more slow deterioration. When parking please park efficiently, park only on gravels surfaces & CARPOOL.

If you need ideas...

  • Park and walk from Adventures on the Gorge.

  • Park, walk & carpool from the shoulders of the intersection of HWY19 & Lansing Rd. You can park on the south and north side.

  • Park in town and carpool.

  • Park at Walmart and carpool.

  • Park at the NPS visitor's center and carpool.

Thank you for helping to keep the New River Gorge a beautiful place for all to enjoy!


97 Pudds Rd.
Lansing, WV 25862

Dogs are welcomed but discouraged. This is a loud and busy event. If you bring your dog they MUST be leashed AT ALL TIMES. We can't risk losing our dog allowance!

Pies and Pints, Secret Sandwich Society, Burrito Bar, The Station, Gumbos, Vandals, Cathedral Cafe


    286 Rifrafters Campground Dr
    Fayetteville, WV
    (304) 574-1065
    This is a great little campground located 5 minutes from downtown Fayetteville on Laurel Creek Rd. They have recently remodeled their bathhouse facilities and do a great job at keeping the place clean. They have tent camping and RV campsites available, as well as a covered pavilion area with a refrigerator for your use. Last we checked it was $12/night/adult.

    Lansing, WV
    (304) 574-3136
    Minutes from Fayetteville and the Gorge, nice secluded sites, modern bathroom facilities, campstore. The quirky owner will be on you like white on rice to make sure you abide to all the rules. This tight run ship means you'll get a good nights sleep.Rate: $8-10/night.

    Mount Nebo/Summersville, WV
    (888) 872-5580
    They've got a nice set-up complete with campsites, RV-Hook-ups, A-Frame Chalets, AND new in 2011 they've built some really nice big cabins if you're not into roughing it. They also do Boat Rentals (Pontoon, Paddle, and Fishing Boats). Owner's Steve and Donna are more than happy to point out the hot deep water soloing spots around Summersville Lake.

    (888) 488-4836
    These guys are no strangers to rock climbers and they know how to pamper you. If you're not into roughing it and want to live like a king this is a killer spot with friendly folks to take care of you. Minutes from Fayetteville and the Gorge, cabins of all sizes, fully furnished, hot tubs, fully equipped kitchens, air conditioning, nestled in the woods, nature trails, a great escape from the ordinary.

    Hico, WV
    (304) 640-7333
    Don't want to sleep in the dirt but you're on a budget? This is one of the best deals around. Located just 4 miles from the Gorge, these guys have 8 cabins that are price competitive with the hotels listed below. Each cabin sleeps 8 and is fully furnished with kitchenettes and bathrooms, satellite TV, air conditioning and heat, and they are pet friendly. Newly built in 2009 it's a great bargain at $120/night for 4 people. Check them out and tell them we sent you.

    Oak Hill, WV
    (866) 725.1600
    Built in 2006, very similar to your Super 8 type hotel with free high-speed internet, complimentary breakfast, cable TV, heated outdoor pool, hair dryer, microwave & fridge in every room, located a short 5 minute drive from the New River Gorge. Clean and comfortable rooms with grocery store and restaurants within walking distance. Summer In-Season Rate approx: $89.00/night

    Oak Hill, WV
    (304) 465-0571
    Formerly a Holiday Inn this place is located right on Route 19 and is loaded with amenities. Wireless internet, bar in the lobby featuring live music in season, and an indoor swimming pool.

    Fayetteville, WV 25840
    (304) 574-1902
    Circa 1902 this Victorian style home will take you back to last century. Located in downtown Fayetteville walking distance to our headquarters in Water Stone Outdoors, the Cathedral Cafe and other local shops. Rates run $89.00-$100.00/night. Tell Bernie we sent you.

  • COUNTRY RIVER INN Gatewood Rd.
    Fayetteville, WV 25840
    (304) 574-0055
    Country River Inn is located in a building previously occupied by the Fayetteville Consolidated School. Completing a four year renovation in 2005, the schoolhouse built in 1929, is the new home to our B&B. Each of our six non smoking guest rooms include a private bath, two queen size beds, air conditioning, microwave, refrigerator, and color TV.

    171 North Court Street
    Fayetteville, WV 25840
    (304) 900-3301
    Located just across the street from the NRMG office and on the upper floors of a beautiful historic main street building. Originally built to house a bank, these four units will be home away from home for people seeking a modern and hip alternative to the motels, cabins or large vacation homes that are currently the only available lodgings in the area.


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If you have any questions regarding the New River Gorge Craggin' Classic, please contact Event Coordinator Kate Tierney at [email protected]